Art Analysis Salvador Dahli

Topics: Surrealism, Salvador Dalí, Museum of Modern Art Pages: 3 (1014 words) Published: March 12, 2009
Art analysis-

Dream caused by the flight of a bee around a pomegranate, a second before waking up By Salvador Dali, 1994, 51×40.5 cm, oil on canvas
Thyssen-bornemisza collection

“A typical dream with a long theme, the consequences of a sudden accident that causes the awakening” –Salvador Dali.

The Style the artist has used is Surrealism, Salvador has done this piece in such a way though that the picture looks exaggerated and real. As it shows highlights, shadows and shapes of a realism piece, and shows intently exaggerated colour. The Title of the piece tells the viewer that this painting is based about a dream and then its dramatic awakening, which obviously shows through the painting as there are main focal points that put line this “dream” which concludes to the title. This art work was painted using oils on canvas done using a brush as the texture is smooth and the shadow and highlights are immaculate. This art work doesn’t have a political view, but rather tells the viewer what the picture is through the title of the painting. Salvador uses symbols in the piece to represent the intentional focus of the dream, the symbols being the little pomegranate, the gun, the tigers, the fish and the big pomegranate.

This art work shows brilliant and vibrant colours. Some colours being exaggerated to the fact that the colour being used in the piece is not entirely true, for example to colours of the tigers are done a vibrant yellow which are false from the colour of real tigers. The colours that Salvador uses give the piece depth, the colour is used so that the main focal points are more brightened which draws the viewers attention toward the focal points and then toward the rest of the painting. The colours he uses are harmonious, which are oranges and yellows and blues and grays. These harmonious create a sense of rhythm as they often follow each other by them in the groups of warm and cool colours. The warm colours create the main focal point of...
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