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Responsible RECYCLING.
Schmeiser, Lisa
Macworld, Apr2009, Vol. 26 Issue 4, p60-63, 4p, 3 Color Photographs Document Type:
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ELECTRONIC apparatus & appliances -- Recycling
MACBOOK (Computer)
APPLE computers
ELECTRIC apparatus & appliances
The article offers information on several ways to recycle an old Mac computer from Apple Inc. It is suggested to donate the computer, if it is still in working condition as recycling by donating old electronics will increase the percentage. To recycle computers, it is adviced to sell it as many online services in addition to eBay Inc., and Craigslist Inc., buy used electronics. If the device is too old for secondhand use, it is recommended to find an electronics recycler. The electronics recycling, like is a viable option for electronics that are not suitable for manufacturer recycling. It is reported that many retailers and electronics vendors are following Apple's integrating recycling into the electronics lifecycle. Lexile:

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Responsible RECYCLING
1. Don't Throw It Away
2. Clean It
3. Donate It
4. Sell It
5. Craft It
6. Send It Back to Apple
7. Find a Third-Party Recycler
8. Plan Ahead
9. The Power Office
10. Pick Peripherals Carefully
11. Maximize Your Savings
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FEATURES: How Green Is Your Mac?
What to do with your Mac when its days are over
When your Mac is no longer the shiny new kid on the block, there's no shortage of ways to extend its useful life. An old Mac can work as a recipe-storage library, for instance, and that antique iBook can be a backup drive. But when you've run out of ways to reuse or repurpose your old Mac, what's the best way to dispose of it? Here are a variety of solutions — some that require little effort, others that are more time-intensive — that'll keep your conscience and your closet clear. Don't Throw It Away

California, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Oregon, Texas, and Washington now have laws regulating where and how you can dispose of unwanted electronics. But in most other states, it's still legal to throw your computers in the trash. According to a recent 60 Minutes report, an estimated 130,000 computers end up in the garbage annually. There are all kinds of good reasons not to make yours one of them: lead, mercury, and hexavalent chromium are three of the best. These substances, which are embedded in our computers' assorted parts, are just a few of the toxins that can be released into the environment if an old computer or iPod is just tossed onto a scrap heap or burned. Once in the groundwater or air supply, heavy metals and PCBs released by improperly disposed-of computers linger as cancer-causing compounds. Clean It

If you are going to dispose of your old computer in some responsible fashion, you first need to make sure that nobody else will be able to access its data. The first step is to back up all the data on your old Mac's hard drives. Either copy that data to your new machine or pick up an external hard drive and use that as a repository for all the old files. To duplicate the contents of the old drive, use Time Machine. Or if your old system doesn't have OS X 10.5, fry Carbon Copy Cloner (@@@@½; That done, you can now begin to erase all vestiges of your ownership from your old drive. Start by deauthorizing iTunes. You don't want to later realize that you have one less machine on which you can play your old, pre-iTunes Plus music. Next, deauthorize any third-party programs that you'll want to reinstall on...
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