Proposal on the Disposal of Old Computers by Recycling

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Proposal on the Disposal of Old Computers
Arnel Lorenzo
April 1, 2013
Eileen Broadhurst

Proposal on the Disposal of Old Computers

In preparation for the replacement our old computers with new ones here in our company I strongly suggests that all obsolete and non-working machines be recycled and must be disposed of properly according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA ) Standards of Recycling in order not to destroy the environment from its hazardous components. "The EPA estimates that, in 2009, 438 million electronic products were sold on the US, and 2.5 million tons were ready for end-of-life management; both numbers are increasing substantially each year" (, 2012, Electronics Challenge, p. 1). "Computers also contain other hazardous materials, including mercury, cadmium (a known carcinogen, and hexavalent chromium (shown to cause high blood pressure, iron-poor blood, liver disease, and nerve and brain damage in animals)". (Meyer, El Ella, & Young, 2004. Imagining if we have 500 computers to dispose of, including its monitors attached to it, we are leaving approximately 3,000 lbs. of lead in the ground contaminating our environment if we do not recycle them properly.

First step is the creation of a Disposal Team consisting of at least three IT personnel of our company and be responsible in the proper disposal of all the old machines by forwarding it to a third-party recycling organization. The team shall first take inventory not only the computers but also the monitors attached, non-working printers, fax machines, and copiers. Everything should be accounted for and make sure nothing will be just sitting around or just piling up somewhere in the workplace and suggest that this assessment must be done regularly. The team will also be responsible in reformatting and removing the hard drives using applicable security software in cleaning all the information of the hard drives to prevent...

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