Army Recruitment

Topics: Conscription, Volunteer military, Military recruitment Pages: 9 (3195 words) Published: July 31, 2007
Army Recruitment

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 3

2. Problem Statement3

3. Review of Current Practices3

4. Strategic Plan for Change6

5. Strategic Approach for Implementation of Changes8

6. Final Recommendations10

7. Summary/Conclusions11

Recruitment of the United States military is a vital part of maintaining an all volunteer military force. Because of recent world events and the high operations tempo of the military, Army has had some problems with its recruitment. Convincing civilians to sign up to be a solider can be a tough job when it requires being sent 7,000 miles from home to go fight in a war zone. What can recruiters do to keep recruitment levels where they need to be to maintain an all volunteer United States military force and how is technology changing their tactics? Problem Statement

In the last few years the Army has been experiencing problems with recruitment. With the national unemployment rate around 4.8% and the fact that shortly after joining the Army the reality of deploying to a war zone is imminent, recruiters are having a tougher time meeting their recruitment goals. The Army marketing campaign totaled over $850 million in FY2006 and still managed to come out short with recruitment. Since the country is doing its best to provide an all voluntary military force during a time of war recruiters for the Army have employed drastic means in order to sign up recruits. Some recruiters are even being accused of less than honorable methods of recruitment. Leading a potential recruit to believe that they will be able to do certain things in the Army which are extremely competitive and unlikely is not honorable. What kind of tactics can recruiters use to bring up the Army's numbers and how much is the Army and the tax payers willing to spend to get these recruits? Review of Current Practices

The Army's techniques for recruiting go after recruits self interests when serving your country or possibly dying for your country is one of the most selfless acts an individual can make. These kinds of acts are exactly what the United States Army is going to be expecting from their recruits. However, in contrast with the selfless type of person the Army is looking to recruit, they attempt to tailor their recruiting to sound desirable to an individual's self interests. Various methods are used to recruit to potential soldiers' interests, some of which include: paying for your college with a GI bill, seeing the world, and teaching you skills that you can use in the future to get good jobs. These methods are attracting the wrong type of person to join the Army. Somebody that is inspired by these recruiting method might have a huge problem with leaving their family for over a year to go to war in very undesirable parts of the world. The type of person who is attracted to the military because of education benefits is not necessarily the same type of person who willingly is away from their family for over a year, or is prepared to possibly watch their friends die from a road side bomb. There are many things that are currently hurting recruitment in today's military. First of all the negative press that comes in about the Middle East daily gives people a bad attitude about what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. The bad press includes concentrating on horrific events involving soldiers in Iraq and uncertainty with the insurgency there. Also the current commitment of three years is a long commitment to ask for. This can seem especially lengthy for an individual who is only 18 years old. Anther major factor which affects military recruiting is the national unemployment rate. Currently the national unemployment rate has gone down to 4.8%. Therefore, obtaining a job in the United States right now is not that difficult compared to other times in our country's history. This hurts military...
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