Argumentative Essay: Should There Be Punished?

Topics: Capital punishment, Crime, Murder Pages: 4 (979 words) Published: November 10, 2015

What if you were sentenced to death for a crime you didn’t commit? Cameron Willingham was put to death for a crime he didn’t even commit. It’s not okay to sentence someone to death for something they didn’t do. Life in prison is a much better option because you can’t escape from what you did. If you are innocent you will be able to get let out of prison, you just have to sit and think about the crime you committed, and if you have a case like Willingham where you were innocent they would be able to release you from prison.

When someone is sentenced to death, that is an escape from having to sit and deal with what they did. You can’t take it back, cases like Ron Williamson who was convicted for a murder. They later found out there was another match to the DNA. He had been sentenced to death but was let out when found innocent (forensicsciencetechnician). If he would have been killed, we would have killed another innocent man. Williamson, was one of the few lucky ones. One case that wasn’t so lucky would be the case of Cameron Todd Willingham. He was charged for the murder by arson which led him to the death sentence. A deadly house fire killing his children was considered “arson.” Craig Beyler conducted a review on the evidence used to...

They need to sit in prison with the knowledge of what they did until they die either of old age or sickness. When given the death sentence you don’t have to face what you did. You are getting off the hook by dying and you don’t have to think about what you did. You are just fed and then killed. You don’t have to think about everything you did that you shouldn’t have done and the crimes you have committed. Also it isn’t fair to tell the kids that they can’t hurt someone for hurting them yet, kill someone for killing someone or raping someone. The death sentence is an escape from the crime they...
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