Apple Innovation Strategy - Short Essay

Topics: Apple Inc., Personal computer, Operating system Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Apple Innovation Strategy

David Aguirre, Kimbery Heath, Tonisha Murray and Deborah Rogers

September 20, 2012


Stanley Jurewicz

Apple Innovation Strategy

Successful innovation plays an important role in the strategic initiative of many dominant organizations. The willingness to focus on a result is extremely vital to the successfulness of major organizations. Apple, Inc is a competitive organization predominantly responsible for the most of the technological advancements in today’s cyber world. As consumers of Apple products become more “self-taught” users, Apple is placed in the position to assist consumers in saving money and at the same time, continue to discover innovative methods to enhance company revenue.

A successful entrepreneur, Steven Jobs and his business cohort, computer genius Stephen Wozniak, created Apple in 1976. The beginning of their business relationship together began when they started making personal computers (PCs) out of Steven’s garage. By 1983 the company’s financial gain, from one computer model – the Apple computer - was approached 1 billion dollars in sales. Apple is the premier dominating force in developing and marketing desktop publishing and it was rated “number one” the market long before there was competitors like Xerox and IBM.

In late 1991, Apple came to an agreement to a series of strategic partnerships, primarily with IBM, who has historically been is primary competitor in the computer world. The strategic alliances tunneled in on areas in which Apple was lacking by either development skills or the ability to financially establish the research and development on their own. The introduction of newer PC technology and computer operating systems software was the focal points for expansion and development.

In August 1997, Steve Jobs announced that his parent organization, Microsoft, was investing 150 million dollars in...
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