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* IPod classic packaging consumes 35% less weight and 82% less volume than the first generation iPod. -------------------------------------------------
Marketing plan for Apple iPod
* Jun 08, 2011
Product and Product life cycle
Apple iPad is an innovative product that enables the users to brows the internet with ease. It is table computer that is mainly designed to use in browsing, media consumption, gaming, light content creation, and for many other purpose (, 2010). Apple iPad uses the fingertips for input instead of the traditional models which used stylus.  The new iPad was released in April 2010 and it has brought to market a new devise that can be ranked between smartphones and laptops. -------------------------------------------------

SWOT Analysis
The following is the SWOT analysis of Apple iPad:
a)      Strengths
1. i.            It uses  new technology that comes between smartphones and laptops 2. ii.            It is super slim and has awesome deign 3. iii.            It is  weights light hence comfortable to carry around 4. iv.            It comes with super multi-touch screen 5. v.            Has  super fast Wi-Fi internet  connection 6. vi.            It has high quality batter that can last up to 10 hours (BindApple, 2010) -------------------------------------------------

b)      Weaknesses
1. i.            It is consider pretty expensive 2. ii.            It has not USB ports which means it is difficult to transfer data 3. iii.            It has nada camera which means one cannot see friends when  writing to them (BindApple, 2010) 4. iv.            It has not multi-tasking or background execution and no virtual keyboard 5.

c)      Opportunity
1. i.            With advance in technology, people are waiting for 3G version which means if it develops this version it will be a definite hit in the market. -------------------------------------------------

d)     Threats
1. i.            Future pricing strategy may define the competitiveness of the phone in the market (BindApple, 2010) 2. ii.            Being in same line as iPhones, it may have to compete  with  other Mac products in the future including iPhone -------------------------------------------------

The following are the set goals in this market plan:
1. Reach more than 5 million potential customers within a period of 12 months 2. Increase the number of users of ipad by 50% within 12 months 3. Increase sales by more than 60% within the first 12 months 4. Create a distribution network with more than 500,000 distributors within 12 months -------------------------------------------------

Market Research
Market research forms the base for formulation of any marketing strategy. Market research data provides the bases for making decision on whether to launch the product in the market or not (Peter and Olson, 1996). Considering the current trend in the market consumers are becoming attracted to new emerging technologies. People are becoming attracted to the concept of connected mobility and hence it would be advantageous for most people to purchase the iPad since they can stay connected while mobile. Since iPad comes with Wi-Fi technology it will be preferred by most people since it keeps then connected to the internet at home, school, or at their work place. -------------------------------------------------

External environment
a)  Political and Legal factors
The government is the greatest support of growth of the information technologic sector. Realizing its potential, the government has taken steps to ensure that people have access to devices that facilitation integration of...
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