Apple’s Road to Success in Japan and the World

Topics: Apple Inc., Personal computer, Graphical user interface Pages: 4 (1230 words) Published: November 20, 2011
“Apple’s road to success in Japan and the world”

Apple has opened their first international retail store here in Ginza, Japan in year 2003. By the year 2011, Apple has increased the number of their retail stores to 357, 112 of them outside of the United States. Of course Apple has been expanding globally prior to opening their retail stores too. In most cases Apple products, which in the beginning were Apple personal computers (Apple I, II, III series, Lisa etc.), the company was targeting specialized markets. Such market entry strategy let them work on educational projects, science as well as graphics design and print and media, which ultimately let them increase their market share with education institutions (schools and universities, science laboratories and publishing industry, where Graphical User Interface [GUI] made a vast difference). Even though IBM was still the ultimate technology leader, Apple’s chose to enter a mature industry through innovation, by presenting the more appealing personal computer, with the GUI, a novelty seen as a mistake at that time by some specialists. Nevertheless, with successful One of the interesting notes on the retail business of Apple is that basic rules for these retail stores remained the same all around the world: Steve Jobs emphasized the design of the store: the glass exterior, wood display tables, winding staircase and large promotional posters. Employees wear matching uniforms with their names on a lanyard, making it more personal. In addition, Apple’s policy is to employ as many staff as possible, so no customer would be left wandering alone in the store – somebody is always there to help the customer. Therefore Apple employees’ credo states that the number one goal for the store is to “enrich customers lives and experience”. This set of rules apply to every single Apple retail store around the world, which ensures customer gets the same satisfaction in any country. To measure customer’s satisfaction,...
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