AP European History Study Guide Chapter 15

Topics: Industrial Revolution, 18th century, Europe Pages: 4 (769 words) Published: October 27, 2013
AP European History Study Guide Chapter 15

This study guide is to help you get ready for the test. Some of the information asked is found in the notes, and some in the textbook. This is typical of MOST college classes and this style of study guide is designed to prepare you! Also, while most test questions come from this guide, anything in the notes and textbook could be on the test!

You MUST do this study guide for points! You may NOT type this study guide out! You also MUST do the practice for the essay questions. Write the answers in YOUR OWN WORDS. This will help you to remember and understand the material. To receive full credit, you must do all parts of the question, not just the first basic question.

This test WILL have a free response question (essay). This time, I am not giving the prompts, but you still must BRAINSTORM for the essay (instead of outlining).

Review Questions
Major Features of Life in the Old Regime
1) What is meant by the term “Old Regime”?
2) What were the four social classes that existed in 18th century Europe? 3) What were sumptuary laws?
a. What purpose did they serve?
The Aristocracy
4) What percentage of the population considered themselves to be aristocracy? a. What privileges did they have?
b. What made them fall into this class?
5) What were the main differences between the nobility in Britain, France, and Eastern Europe? 6) What was the aristocratic resurgence?
a. What four forms did it take?
The Land and its Tillers
7) What percentage of the population lived in the “country”? a. Why were these people so vulnerable?
8) What were the differences between the obligations of the peasants in England, France, Russia, and Eastern Europe? 9) What was Pugachev’s Rebellion?
a. Where?
b. Why?
c. When?
d. Result?
10) What were the English Games Laws of 1671 to 1831?
a. Why were they enacted?
b. What was the result of these laws?
Family Structures and the Family Economy
11) What were...
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