Ch 13 Hw

Topics: China, Japan, The Tale of Genji Pages: 5 (1275 words) Published: March 13, 2013
In Depth: Comparing Feudalisms

1. Do you think the characteristics of feudalism help explain the later success of Western & Japanese societies? Yes, the militaristic characteristics of the Western and Japanese societies help explain how much land they conquered and how powerful they were.

2. Have the political accomplishments of both Japan & Western Europe matched their economic achievements? Both Japan and Western Europe practiced feudalism and they were both unusually successful in industrial development. They are both also proven adept at running capitalist economies, so the political accomplishments of both Japan and Western Europe have matched their economic achievements.

3. If so, in what ways? If not, why not?
Yes, the political accomplishments have matched their economic achievements as both the civilizations are proven adept at running capitalist economies. They were both successful in industrial development.

4. Which aspects of feudalism do you think had the greatest effect on those outcomes? Feudalism was very militaristic which might have made so many societies and civilizations in their hands.

5. If feudalism had persisted in each area, would the outcomes have been as positive as they have been? No, as feudalism left Japan with serious political and social problems. The government had many issues in controlling the warrior class and if feudalism had continued, Japan and England would not have become one of the world’s powers. They would not have had any scholarly or intelligent reforms and the New Age would probably not have started in England. Japan would not be a major country in technology if feudalism had continued in Japan.

6. What other factors should be taken into account if we want to fully analyze these trends? Population and the technological development are some factors that need to be taken into account for fully analyzing these trends.

7. Why might Arab or Chinese historians be skeptical about any claims for feudalism’s special importance in world history? Feudalism left Japan with some serious political and social problems. This is why some Arab or Chinese historians might be skeptical about any claims for feudalism’s special importance in world history. Also as the Arab and Chinese civilization did not practice feudalism, it might seem wrong to establish feudalism’s special space in history.

"Source of World History" book - Volume 1
read # 40 - Lady Murasaki: The Tale of Genji
answer questions on page 176 - well thought out, paragraphs, insight, typed

1) It was very significant to Genji that his lover was of common class as the common class people were not supposed to converse with people of upper class. It was inappropriate in that time to show up with people from a lower class. 2) The middle class people in that time lived in less beautiful houses than the upper class did. They traveled by foot and were poorly dressed. The upper class usually traveled by a horse. 3) Women are portrayed as delicate, gentle and unassuming. They were characterized to be rather deficient in character. 4) Manners and appearance was very important in the Heian Japan society. This could be seen with Genji’s hesitance to come in day and to show the woman around. The poor were shown to be poorly dressed and the upper class was shown to be very well dressed. 5) The relationship between love and nature is portrayed as Lady Murasaki talks a lot about the nature. Genji called the cottage his lover lived in a “leafy cottage” and then he talked about the garden that was near that cottage. This is described in a positive way, so the portrayal of love and nature is positive and beautiful.

Discussion Questions

(pages 278 - 290)

1. What led to the failure of the Taika reforms & what was the political result? The Taika reforms were met with resistance from the aristocracy and the failure of the Taika reforms led to the weakening of the imperial government...
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