Another Day at the Beach

Topics: Wind, Mother, Wave Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: April 3, 2013
“Morning mum, aren’t you meant to be at work today, it’s Saturday? Stefan Questioned, “Not today” his mum replies with a small grin “today is my day off, I feel like… shopping” she says “oh sweet, can you take Ana with you, so I can hang out with Luka and Jamey at the beach, after all she would love to go shopping with you?” asked Stefan with his fingers crossed and trying to put on a persuasive tone and a pleading face “Sure, but I want you to be extra careful, punt on your sunscreen, cross the roads safely and STAY AWAY from the rocks on the beach, Understand?”, “yeah I know, you’ve told me like, a million times” Stefan replies. Stefan phones quickly and eagerly sprints to his phone and dials Lukas number first. “Hey Luka its Stefan, you busy” he excitedly asks “Na bro, just playing COD (Call of Duty), Why” “How about you Jamie and I got to the beach, it’s a scorching twenty six degrees, still rising and it’s only 11:30. You up for it?” “Yeah for sure” replied Luka with his voice filled with excitement “Sweet, meet me at the north rocks around 11:30”. Stefan hangs up the phone and quickly dials Jamey. Jamey picks up his phone and without unwillingness agrees with Stefan. “Hey, sup, ready for action” … The boys all greet each other just like any other teenagers would. The sun was out showing its bright yellow and giving of its hot red. Jamie was the first to enter the crystal clear, cold, blue water, followed with Stefan and luka. AHHHHH they whispered with relief, looked at each other and then smiled. “Hey the rocks look fun” Luka said “I know aye” Jamie agreed “they look fun but not very safe” Stefan anxiously said and continued “ what if you land on one of those sharp rocks beneath the water you will be killed instantly” “Your such a baby, Jamie and I are going to do it. Let me guess your mum probably told you to stay away from them” Luka said “No…um…fine lets go” Stefan agrees and finishes his sentence of with a sigh. Luka Jamie and Stefan had been out...
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