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with life's challenges, as it was displayed in the book ‘The Wave' written by Morton Rhue. There were a majority of students who were not resilient with the wave and the challenges that emerged from it, such as Amy, Robert and David. The student that was surprisingly resilient was Laurie, who was also the main character of the story. Laurie was mentally and also physically strong at dealing with the consequences that upshot from the wave Such as the isolation from the entire school and her best friend...

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The Wave

The Wave Composers use a number of techniques to make stories more meaningful. The Wave is a book published in 1981, it is a story based upon actual events that took place as a result of a history class experiment. In the novel ‘The Wave’ Martin Rhue uses a wide range of techniques such as repetition, vernacular and visual imagery to entirely highlight ‘what begins as a small movement can often become out of control and destructive’. Therefore this portrayal of the characters, themes and setting...

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Sound Waves

sound waves Sound is a series of compression waves that moves through air or other materials. These sound waves are created by the vibration of an object, like a radio loudspeaker. The waves are detected when they cause a detector to vibrate. Your eardrum vibrates from sound waves to allow you to sense them. Sound has the standard characteristics of any waveform. Sound is a waveform that travels through matter. Although it is commonly in air, sound will rapidly travel...

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WAVES When people think of waves they may think of a nice vacation or maybe a storm. Most people may not think about what causes waves or how waves can get so tall and powerful. In addition, people may not think about how tides are formed. The movement of waves includes information about how waves form, how they move, what happens when waves interact, and some of the effects of waves. When people visit a beach, they might realize the daily rise and fall of the water, or how high and low...

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Em Waves

Electromagnetic waves in space See the book “Optics” by Hecht sections 3.2 and 3.3 Speed of light: EM waves travel in a vacuum with speed c = c = 299,792,458 ms-1 exactly They are transverse waves with (vector) E and B field orthogonal to each other, for this section bold indicates vector quanties. When far from the source (many wavelengths) the E and B fields are in phase The vector E x B points in the direction of motion Travelling waves can be written as E = E 0 ⋅ ei ( kx −ωt ) and B = B 0 ⋅ ei...

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Sound Wave

object that is struck with a sound wave of equal sound wave vibrations will amplitude the given tone. This would explain the reason why some singers are able to break wine glasses with their voice. The vibrations build up enough to shatter the glass. This is called RESONANCE. Resonance can be observed on a tube with one end open. Musical tones can be produces by vibrating columns of air. When air is blown across the top of the open end of a tube, a wave compression passes along the tube...

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Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetic Waves It was once the great Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) who had presented that electric and magnetic fields unstable together can form a spreading wave, appropriately called an electromagnetic wave. The properties of an electromagnetic wave are as follows: 1. They can travel through a vacuum at the same high speed, which is much faster than other types of waves that travel through a material. 2. They show the normal wave properties of reflection, refraction...

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Waves Lab

PHY 101 Lab Report Waves Lab Purpose The purpose of this laboratory experiment is to “investigate how the vibrating source affects selected characteristics of the sound produced” (Giancoli, 2006). Materials The following materials were used in the completion of this laboratory experiment: * Meter stick * Two paper towel rolls / cardboard tubes * Scissors * Two rubber bands * Wax paper * Transparent tape * Flashlight * Balloon Procedure Part 1: ...

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The Wave by Morton Rhue

Practise essay on Change In the novel The Wave by Morton Rhue we see change occur in this novel when a classroom experiment designed to show students how to make people change and conform their behaviour to fit certain rules. The classroom experiment that the teacher created was the catalyst that caused throughout the schools behaviour and the students behaviour and attitude. Robert Billings is a student who rarely pays attention in class and is always getting low marks and sleeping in Ben Ross’s...

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The Nature of a Sound Wave

The basis for an understanding of sound, music and hearing is the physics of waves. Sound is a wave which is created by vibrating objects and propagated through a medium from one location to another. In this unit, we will investigate the nature, properties and behaviors of sound waves and apply basic wave principles towards an understanding of music. As discussed in the previous unit of The Physics Classroom, a wave can be described as a disturbance that travels through a medium, transporting...

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