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By teamhhscarter Apr 15, 2014 325 Words
I selected juvenile tutor for my CRLE. It is important to me because I want to learn how it feels to be a teacher, and how they get their job done day in and day out. My experience fit very well because I want to be a teacher when I grow up, I want to help the youth to grow and have great learning abilities when they get older. I also want to be a personal trainer so this fits well because; you have to work with children and young adults most of the time. I encountered some very small obstacles while in the classroom. One of the first ones was that they kids I was going to be working with either had a very bad home life, mental issues or physical issues. I adapted very well, I helped teacher kids to control their tempers and I also sat down and had small talks with some of the kids and I just let them vent and tell me everything. While working in Mr. Derrek Lete`s classroom is demonstrated my problem solving skills and communication skills. Every day I was faced with a new challenge, I accepted it and used on of those three I listed to tackle that challenge. I also learned to speak loud and clear the all of the students can hear you and i also learned that if you asks a student a simple question like “how are you doing today?” It will make a world of difference in that student’s day. I felt like I did a very well job in the classroom, I was very helpful and assertive. I also was loud when I needed to be and I used my skills a lot that I learned in school to help the kids out with worksheets, homework, etc. Next time I will improve on being clearer on what I am trying to say while speaking to the students.

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