Animals Are Humans

Topics: Suffering, Human rights, Pain Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: February 2, 2013
No matter if animals are humans or not they should still be treated with respect. They have the same feelings as humans, but they don't exactly have the ability to voice their problems except in the action of attack. They should not have to worry about being hurt everyday, or not being fed. Animals are supposed to be man's best friend. Animals have just as much right to a good life as people. If we start abusing these amazing and beautiful creatures, then I think that the world will come to a very sticky end indeed. If anyone thinks otherwise, then you are a bunch of heartless little @!&$s. If an animal attacks you, that's because it has a good reason; you might be hurting it or trespassing on it's territory. Whatever reason, you should not hurt it in any way, shape or form. There comes a point where animal cruelty needs to be recognized as what it is: inhumane and uncalled for. Whenever things are referenced as inhumane and uncalled for, they are often referenced as unlawful as well. This is one thing that needs to be banned and outlawed because it serves no specific purpose or essential function and can only be damaging to our world and our society. Animals have pain receptors in their body that allows them to feel pain, just like humans. However, animals sometimes have no way to express their anguish and they cannot fight back. Therefore, animal cruelty should be made illegal to protect the harmless animals that can't protect themselves. If it isn't banned, animals will be abused and tortured, which is immoral.
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