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1. He eats like a bird.

2.A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

3.We’re all early birds in my family because we live on a farm.

4. Birds of a feather flock together.

5.That’s for the birds!

6.It’s an ill bird that fouls own nest.

7. A little bird told me.


8. He eats like a horse.

9.That’s just a lot of horse and donkey dust!

10.It’s time to study now and stop horsing around.

11.I got it straight from the horse s mouth.

12. Just hold your horses!

13. She works like a horse all day long.

14.That’s a horse of a different color!

15.You can take a horse to the water,but you can't make him drink!


16.Don't get your monkey up for nothing.

17. You shouldn't monkey about with that machine, if you don't know how to fix it.

18.What kind of monkey business has been going on while I've been away?


19.Come on! Don’t be chicken!

20.Well,she’s certainly no spring chicken.

21.Don't count your chickens before they're hatched!


22. He is as blind as an owl.

23. He’s a wise old owl.


24.Every time l see my grandfather,he gives me a big bear hug.

25.Her husband is a real bear.


26.She’s always as busy as a bee.


27.He walks at a snail's pace.


28.He wormed his way through the narrow passage.

29.Every time l take the kids to the movies,they always worm around in their seats.

30.l am a worm today.

31.A worm will turn.


32.You’d think he has ants in his pants.


33.It really bugs me when the bus comes late and l can’t go to work on time。

34.l don’t feel well.I think I picked up some kind of bug in my travels abroad

35.He’s a camera bug.


36.Never offer to teach fish to swim[谚」不要班门弄斧。

37.He’s like a fish out of water.

38.He drinks like a fish。

39.All’s fish that comes to his net。


40.When we were young,my sister and l shared the same bed,but she usually hogged all the room.

41.When he does something,he usually goes the whole hog.


42.When he gets up in the morning,he’s usually a crab


43.She had a rather sheepish smile.

44.He is a black sheep


45.Did you hear that Bob got a scholarship?What a lucky dog!

46.He doesn’t have(或stand)a dog's chance.

47.Who’s the top dog in the company?

48.Give a dog a bad name and hang him.

49.Every dog has his day.

50.Love me,love my dog.

51.Barking dogs do not(或seldom)bite.


52.Watch out for him.He’s an old fox.


53.He's more stubborn than a mule.


54.He went ape when he heard that he got the highest grade.


55.Whatever you do,just don't let the cat out of the bag!

56.The weather was terrible yesterday.It rained cats and dogs a whole day.

57.A cat has nine lives.

58.That cat won’t jump.


59.What a lamb she is!

60.She looks like a lamb.
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