Animal Extiction

Topics: Plant, Extinction, Endangered species Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: June 12, 2013
Today’s, the terms animal extinction is always heard among us, but what is animal extinction mean actually? According to Lin (n.d), There are no more animal species alive wherever in the world due to the extinction of a specific animal or plant species which the species has died out. This is evolution of a natural part In our ecosystem, animals are part of it and they help to balance the ecosystem. But, due to the human activities, these animals begin to disappear from the earth. Dodo bird, Tasmanian tiger and Passenger pigeons are among the animals that have become extinct. Habitat destruction and animal hunting are the factors that cause the animal extinction.

Recently, animal extinction occurs due to the habitat destruction. First, as the country develops rapidly nowadays, more trees had to be cut down illegally because of high demand of timber product from many countries. According to Illegal logging (n.d), High demand of wood product from many countries causes the profitable illegal logging. Second, agriculture causes most of the habitats changed and destroyed to provide area for cultivation. As mention by Koay (2013), “The basin of the Kinabatangan River, the longest river in Sabah and rich in biodiversity, has been transformed by logging and agricultural activities in the last 60 or so years”. (para 1)

Another cause that leads to the animal extinction is animal hunting. Firstly, this activity has been using parts of animals they have hunted for traditional medicine. Still (2003) stated, Traditionally, medicinal properties consist of many animal body parts. In some Asian cultures, various disease have use many parts of tiger's body as medicine. Various disease have use tiger bones as treatment in China. Secondly, animal extinction occurs due to the illegal sale of animal’s body parts in which the animal is sold with high price to the rare animal collector and the animal body parts is used as products. According to Nilsson (2005), Animals for...
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