Analysis: The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan

Topics: Thought, English-language films, Human Pages: 2 (1353 words) Published: October 26, 2014
Shaun Tan once said “You know it’s not real, but you can’t help but be drawn into the reality of it”. His picture book ‘The Lost Thing’ reflects on this statement; you know that the storybook world Tan has created is not in the slightest bit real, but if you look closer you can start relating it to your real life. This is shown in the way the main character has been presented as well as the lost thing, the reader can relate to both of these characters either by being lost or finding something lost. At the start of the book many adults are around but only the boy seems to see the lost thing, this shows that the adult world are so absorbed in what they are doing themselves that they never stop to look what is right in front of them. Tan also look at the idea of belonging, and when the lost thing finds a place where it doesn’t really belong but is happy, it is questioning the obsession we as humans have of belonging. Tan creates a story world with which we can relate to our own lives and use the morals we found there in our reality. As readers we tend to relate ourselves to the main character of the book, in ‘The Lost Thing’ we can relate ourselves both to the lost thing and the boy. The boy represents times when we have been busy, too busy looking at something else to realise the things right in front of us, “I was, as usual, was working tirelessly on my bottle top collection” The use of the commas in this with the words “As usual” leads us to think that the boy is admitting that he is always working on his collection, so absorbed in it. Being absorbed in one thing is the reality for most of us. We look down at our phones or are constantly trapped in our own thoughts and not look up to see what is standing all but three feet away from us and for that we miss out on it. But, the boy did look up he did notice the lost thing and it took him to a state of helpfulness, trying desperately to find it somewhere to belong, some people could also replate to this in the way...
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