Into the World - English Essay

Topics: Force, Life, 2000 albums Pages: 2 (891 words) Published: November 3, 2012
“Relationship with people can prevent or encourage an individual’s steps into the world” Relationships can prevent or encourage change within a person but it is ultimately time and the individual’s own mental endurance to lead progress into the world. ‘The Story of Tom Brennan’ by J.C Burke explores the main character, Tom Brennan and his family, dealing with the dramatic event that the oldest son, Daniel, creates in a drink driving accident. In the novel Tom is in a state of uncertainty, Tom’s life come to a drastic change caused by Daniel which within this time of family crisis Tom is forced to mature and step into the world but unprepared. The hyperbole and exaggeration with the use of colloquial terms which express frustration and hopelessness, the “cave” is symbolic of their oppressive home and state of mind. In the poem ‘THE DOOR’ by Miroslav Holub also establishes drastic changes as the poem presents the resistance to change and the attitude that change inevitable. The change from child view into an adult’s view shows the change in life physically and mentally as you grow up, this is inevitable as everything changes and grows. Tom Brennan, inevitable makes this transition from child to adult. Moving into the world can be a force of nature through relationships, events and experiences. The forced experience is well communicated by Tom’s narrative voice, “There aren’t words to say how black and empty that pain felt. It was deeper than the darkest hole. It had no beginning and no end…” The panic was suffocating.” His reflective flashback styles insure the dramatic tension of his emotions and state of mind. The manner in which the members of the Brennan family relate to each other, as well as to the horrible situation they are faced because of Daniels recklessness and irresponsible behavior. They remain a united family even though they are faced with an extremely complex situation but Tom was never able to be the same, “above all the silence, was the piercing...
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