Stuart Diver

Topics: 1997 Thredbo landslide, Stuart Diver, Landslide Pages: 3 (747 words) Published: June 3, 2006
Stuart Diver
By Simon Bouda

Stuart Diver born 14th January 1970, Geelong, Victoria.

Simon Bouda author of "Survival", a Sydney based journalist and author of 27 years experience was part of the nine network team assigned to cover the inspirational story of Stuart Diver, the sole survivor of the 97 Thredbo landslide.

Stuart grew up exploring the world, when he was nine he went to Nepal with his family; mum, dad and his brother Euan, where they climbed to the Mt. Everest base camp.

Stuart was part of a very religious family whose involvement in church was to a maximum and Stuart was the alter boy for some time, Stuart said this had a major influence on who he is today.

Stuart went to and all boys college where being northern European was actually a minority, and was never accepted into the social groups but his brother Euan was always there to help him whom Stuart said helped him to be physically strong as well as mentally.

When Stuart left school he went to university to study hospitality and later took up a traineeship as an outdoor activity instructor, but it was at university where Stuart found the most important person in his life, a young woman named Sal who he later married and taught to share his love for the outdoors, Sal tragically died in the landslide beside Stuart.

The author positions the reader through this whole ordeal to feal compassion and strength for themselves that life can never be so hard that you have to quit. The dominant view of Stuart in society for all that knows of his story have a very positive view and some even look to the story of Stuart Diver for inspirations in times of doubt in their life. He has been portrayed this way because it can be seen by people and related to.

The book starts with acknowledgements and a foreword by lieutenant colonel Don Woodland OAM Salvation Army chaplain where he says "May the real life story of one mans survival help you to discover within yourself those...
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