Analysis for the Development of Business English in China

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Analysis for the development of Business English in China

Chapter 1 Introduction

Business English is English language especially related to international trade. It is a part of English for Specific Purposes and can be considered a specialism within English language learning and teaching; for example, the teachers' organisation IATEFL has a special interest group called BESIG. Many non-native English speakers study the subject with the goal of doing business with English-speaking countries, or with companies located outside the Anglosphere but which nonetheless use English as a shared language or lingua franca. Much of the English communication that takes place within business circles all over the world occurs between non-native speakers. In cases such as these, the object of the exercise is efficient and effective communication. The strict rules of grammar are in such cases sometimes ignored, when, for example, a stressed negotiator's only goal is to reach an agreement as quickly as possible. Business English means different things to different people. For some, it focuses on vocabulary and topics used in the worlds of business, trade, finance, and international relations. For others it refers to the communication skills used in the workplace, and focuses on the language and skills needed for typical business communication such as presentations, negotiations, meetings, small talk, socializing, correspondence, report writing, and so on. In both of these cases it can be taught to native speakers of English, for example, high school students preparing to enter the job market. It can also be a form of international English. It is possible to study Business English at college and university; institutes around the world have on offer courses (modules) in BE, which can even lead to a degree in the subject. This thesis intends to provide an analysis for Business English and its development in China. Its body is from Chapter One to Chapter Five.

Chapter 2 Classification and Degrees of Business English

Working in a marketing department of a foreign company requires very good business communication skills in English, both in written and oral form.

2.1 Oral Business English

Business spoken English is a major key to success in doing international business. English is clearly the international language and speaking it well is essential for making money. So many people lose contracts and jobs just because they can’t communicate well. If your English isn’t very good, you need to improve it, otherwise, it makes other business people unable to trust you. Trust is so important for business, and language is a needed to build trust. Westerners often do business with expensive companies just because the staff speaks English well and understands western culture. That’s it. Their product or service might not be great at all. It’s just that many companies can’t trust or don’t want to put in the effort to understand other languages. This might sound stupid or unfair, but it’s the way the world works. Understanding how the world actually works means everything in business. If English isn’t your first language, you can surely improve, even if your business spoken English is already not too bad. The more you can improve, the better your business and business opportunities will be.

2.1.1 Internal Communication
Internal oral communication is important for both the individual and organization. Internal oral communication can be defined as the language and verbal exchanges within a company. For the individual employee, effective oral communication is necessary to be a good manager because a good manager must relay instructions and interact with junior employees. Oral communication is also valuable to the employee while speaking with his or her superiors. If the employee cannot communicate effectively, his or her needs may go unnoticed and he or she may be blamed for miscommunication and not following...
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