Analyisis of Hooked on Phonics

Topics: Literacy, Learning, Reading Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: April 7, 2014


As a child I never really liked school work. Not because I didn't want to do it, but because I had trouble comprehending what I was reading. It wasn't until I tried hooked on phonics that I realized how much I really enjoyed school.

Everyone has heard of Hooked on Phonics. For those who don't know what Hooked on Phonics is, it's a program for children to take that helps them learn to read by using auditory and visual guides that help them achieve literacy. Yet many people do not realize how useful of a product Hooked on Phonics really is. It helped me achieve a more enriched life. When I was in the ninth year of my life I had a real hard time trying to comprehend the material that was presented to me. It not only affected my English and grammar classes, it also affected my math and history classes. I couldn't read the materiel very well much less understand what I was reading. All that changed on day. I took a trip to Kentucky to visit my grandparents. When I arrived there it seemed like a normal vacation, but I soon found out that it was no ordinary vacation. I remember coming in from play one hot August afternoon. My parents and grandparents were sitting around the dinner table. They all looked very happy and excited. They sat me down and told me that they wanted to help me help myself. They explained to me what hooked on Phonics is and how it worked. It was too late I was trapped. Not many kid's want to spend there summer with hooked on phonics. Yet here I sit in a different state with the remainder of the summer to spend with my nose in a book.

At first it seemed as if my summer was never going to end. I was spending up to eight hours a day learning material. I had made friends around my grandparents neighborhood, which made my time miserable. Not to mention they lived next to a beautiful park. My parents were insistent on me spending my time with my books, which ultimately payed off in the end. At the end of summer I was reading two...
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