An Inconvenient Truth - Essay 3

Topics: Truth, Feeling, Reason Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: February 17, 2012
An Inconvenient Truth

Almost everybody had already stopped, at least once, to think how perfect it would be to win the lottery, and how life would get better. But, what seems to end up as a fairytale, many time becomes a horrible nightmare. Rather than improving their lives, a lottery win can lead newly rich people to feelings of guilt, paranoia, and boredom. First of all, feelings of guilt are common in newly rich people. They feel guilt because their friends cannot afford their new rich lifestyle, and start to move away, in cause of feeling bad about accepting that the rich friend have to always pay everything for them. A second issue, is the fact that many newly rich people become paranoid for many reasons. Firstly, after becoming rich, they can’t distinguish a real friend from one that is just interested on their money. Secondly, after lottery winners spend their money with useful things, they start to waste money with useless addictions like casinos, horse races, and money bets. Besides spending money with those addictions, newly rich people start to live this addicted annoying life, which being respected is a synonym for being rich. As a last big issue, lottery winners, complain of boredom and loneliness after quitting their jobs. What can explain the reason of these feelings is the fact that while newly rich people quit their jobs, their friends don’t stop working, and as a result of that; lottery winners have plenty of free time, however, they can’t spend it with their friends. Winning the Lottery, and becoming rich, can make people face some inconvenient truths and feel that, at the same time they have everything, they have nothing.
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