Geffrard 1

Topics: Want, Friendship, Vociferation Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: April 19, 2015
Geffrard 1
Benlie Geffrard
Professor Gomez
January 13,2014

My Rich Life

   It true that having plenty of money provides you with financial stability, and it means having less stress and no worry in your life.  It not good to make people feel bad about their own personal finances. How we spend our money is our own choice. There is a certain amount of things you should show around people who can’t buy expensive things. But you shouldn't classify someone as a person based on how they are showing their wealth, or lack of it? My family being together, having the love of my boyfriend, and having friends me would makes me feel rich.

   Sunday nights cars parked all over the front yard. Shouts and laughter everywhere, as I walked towards the back of the house I was greeted by dozens of people. It was traditional and polite that the children would greet every person individually to eat dinner.After we finished greeted and checking up on each other life. We then all sat down, while Uncle Jones began his ten minutes prayer before we ate. When dinner was finished the ladies was in the kitchen cleaning the dishes, while the mens was in the living room screaming for the Miami Heat to win. Having my family all together not only make me feel rich but make me happy along with having my boyfriend.

     Being my best friend for five years, if I had boy issues, friend issues, or needed a bodyguard, he was there for me. When he asked me out in high school, I had no idea he had those sort of feelings for me. I told him to give a me week and i will give him my answer. I was scared because if something goes wrong i didn’t want to lose my best friend. It was great that he already liked me for who I was, there was no need to put up a front. During the week, I made a list of pros and cons and honestly thought about what would happen if it went wrong. When the week was over I gave him my answer. Of course I said yes. He do everything in his power to make me happy...
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