The Great Gatsby chapter questions

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Novel Pages: 7 (1934 words) Published: April 30, 2014
1. Why are we still reading a book written in the 1920's? What gives a book its longevity? We read books that was written in the 1920's because it shows what people were like at that time and what it was like in the world. A book gets its longevity by portraying what happened in the past. 2. How was the 1920's a reaction to WWI?

Women were giving more rights, people became interested in goods. 3. Some people think that having money leads to happiness. Do you agree? Why or why not? What are the advantages or disadvantages of being wealthy. I agree that money leads to happiness because if you don't have money you can't buy things, you can't go out and do things like go on vacations and do things just to have fun. People who don't have money are also usually extremely stressed out and spend most of their time working.

4. What is the "American Dream"? Where did it originate, and how has it changed over the centuries? The American Dream is to have a house in the suburbs or in a small town with a white picket fence with two children. I also feel like the wife would be a stay at home wife and the husband would have a job from nine to five. 5. Have you ever wanted to relive a moment from your past, to redo it? Describe the situation. How and why would you change the past? I personally don't usually think about reliving past moments but if I could I would go back to when I was being born so that my dad could actually be there. He was traveling for work so he couldn't make it and didn't get there until the next day.

Chapter 1
1. Notice how many times Fitzgerald uses the words hope, or dream. Why does he do this? It shows how the book is about dreams and that the story starts about the narrator and we learn his hopes and dreams. 2. Nick starts the novel by relaying his father's advice "Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had." List Nick's advantages. Does he reserve judgment in the novel? He tries do not be judgmental but fails at times, just like any person. An advantage is that he is rich, his dad is paying for him to move across the country. 3. Pay attention to time. What is the day and year during the first scene at Daisy's house? It was early summer of 1922.

4. Describe Nick. What facts do you know about him, and what do you infer about him? What kind of a narrator do you think he will be? Nick comes from a prominent family that has a lot of money. He also must be smart because he graduated from Yale. He tries to reserve judgment and therefore will be honest when he tells the story.

5. What image does the author use to describe Jordan Baker? What does it mean? He describes her as intriguing but she also seems uptight.

6. How does Nick react to Jordan?
He enjoys looking at her even though she seems uptight.

7. What does Tom's behavior reveal about his character?
Tom seems to be the kind of person that everything has to go his way. He is very rude and seems to be abusive, and isn't faithful to his wife.

Chapter 2
1. Describe the "valley of ashes." What does it look like and what does it represent? Its a place that people have to get through to get from Long Island to New York. Its dirty, and is a poor neighborhood. 2. Describe Mr. Wilson and Myrtle. Do they seem to fit into the setting? Mr. Wilson and Myrtle are married but she doesn't love him, she said she only married him because he seemed like a gentleman. They don't fit into the setting they live in an apartment above a garage, instead of a mansion. 3. What more have you learned about Nick in this chapter? Is he similar or different than the people he spends his time with? He's different than the people he spends time with, he doesn't drink very often and he seems like a good, faithful person. 4. Describe the violent act Tom committed against Myrtle. What does this reveal about him? He hit her and broke her nose because she...
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