An Early Morning

Topics: English-language films, Blue, Sky Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: April 16, 2015
I just sat on a horse. Unexpectedly, the horse started to run very fast, I was terrified so I began to scream, shout loudly and called for help. But, nobody came to help, and surprisingly no less than a minute I started to like it, as the horse ran longer and faster, I noticed nobody and nothing around but the sound of the wind. I closed my eyes, heard pleasant blowing of the wind, at the same time felt great happiness which I have never felt before. Suddenly, I opened my eyes and there were no horse, no wind and no green grasses around me, though that enjoyment was left and I was still elated for no reason. So I got up, opened the window, as the window was opened fresh air broke into my room. I took another stream of fresh air into my lungs and started observing the view. Although I used to see the dawn every day, I had never noticed its beauty. Everything looked flawless to me that very morning. The reddish light appeared in the barely blue sky. As soon as the reddish rays extended to more space, the blue color of the sky became more accurate. Favorable sounds of the nature were heard from everywhere. Along with these sounds I witnessed silence and peace. This peace stretched to my inner world and freed it from all the worries and troubles for tomorrow. There were just me and my heart, and I was ready to hear it easily and clearly.
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