Ambition To Be a Lawyer

Topics: Legal education, Law, Academic degree Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: January 2, 2011
There are three reasons why being a lawyer is of importance to me. The first reason as to why this career is important to me is basically because the make tons of money and every one likes money I know I do and I know with a lawyer salary I wouldn’t have to worry about struggling to pay bills and affording stuff. In addition, I’m talkative and also sarcastic and I’m definitely not shy so that also suits me better for this career as because if you want to be a lawyer you must have the capacity to communicate to strangers with clarity, precision, and persuasiveness. Finally the most Important reason why becoming a lawyer is of importance to me is mainly because my grandfather was also a lawyer and I look up to him he had a nice car big house and had tons of money and I look up to him as a person since I was little and I told him I was be a lawyer just like him. Many people enter college with their futures already situated in their minds. Their dreams and aspirations are already in place, set for them months or years prior to settling into their first college dorm room. They may choose to be a Nurse, Teacher, or a Police Officer. No matter the choice, there was some instance in their life when they chose that road. My choice was made in the back seat of mr. bingings mock trial class of my junior year. Being from a family where you are expected to be a great student, I always knew that I would succeed at what ever my future goals would be. My father said that he always knew that mine would be the Lawyer or judge or something. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to be a lawyer, and for many including myself, it’s the income of the profession. Becoming an attorney requires extensive education, training, and hard work but rewards those who persevere with a career filled with a sense of purpose, importance and financial security. In order to become an attorney, a person must have a bachelor's degree and then enroll and complete three years of law school...
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