Why Do I Study Law

Topics: Law, Sleep, Truth Pages: 3 (744 words) Published: April 2, 2013
There was a man living in a jungle. He could satisfy hunger eating fruit, he could take shelter in the cave and thus was happy.

There were two men living in a desert. Suppose they are Mr. Habin and Mr. Nabin. They were walking in search of a place where a secured living would be ensured. When both of them got tired they stopped to have rest. Both of them slept but sleeping in a desert was not comfortable. Mr. Habin got a new idea and proposed to Nabin that ‘both of us should not sleep at the same time, rather one of us should sleep and another should fan and vice versa. Both of them agreed. The practice was well continued for some days. Once Habin abstained from performing his part. Nabin being aware of the fact asked Habin to perform his part. And next some days also was okay. Another day Nabin acted as Habin acted earlier. This made Habin angry and out of such anger he attacked Nabin and injured. When anger flown away Habin called Nabin and told – ‘from this moment you are exempted from fan me for next few days and my job shall continue as usual. Two days later Habin breached his promise and Nabin protested. Habin was silent at first and being annoyed attacked Nabin and in consequence Nabin breathed his last.

This is not a story or example. This is a picture. This shows a human society. This shows where there is a human society there is law and breach of law, there remains difference in power. There someone makes law but every one is not bound by law. Power is the absolute truth. In consequence of breach of law man loses his dear one but he has to loose. And yes in this picture there is a vacuum. This vacuum is the absence of a conciliator and I should stop here.

But I have something else to say. So I shall proceed a few steps forward.

Now I shall discuss about our surroundings. There are billions of people with diverse status and profession. There are farmer, businessman, teacher, doctor, engineer, lawyer, politician etc. It is true that each...
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