Alternative Fuel

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Alternative Fuel
A Good alternative fuel vehicle to add to the lineup of vehicles of Lotus Rental Car’s will be diesel operated fuel vehicles. You will not find a big popularity in diesel fuel engines in the United States like you would in Europe but it is growing especially with the new technology available now. Some of the benefits you will find in diesel engines are the savings. One will be in the miles per gallon (MPG) diesel fuel provides people with another option rather than gas and lasts longer than gasoline on a per gallon basis. Although Diesel vehicles focus on trucks and big family vehicles, they make regular sedan cars as well. One of the main reasons diesel fuel lasts longer than regular gas, is that diesel fuel has a higher boiling point than both gasoline and water. It will take a long time to have the diesel fuel evaporate because of its heavy oily nature. Another saving factor will be the purchase of the vehicle if you put the same vehicle but one operated of gasoline and another of diesel fuel the diesel-powered engine will cost less than the gas one yet both have the same performance rating. Another source of alternative fuel for cars is the natural gas. According to site Fuel Economy .com, “natural gas vehicles are designed to run on natural gas only, while dual-fuel or bi-fuel vehicles can also run on gasoline or diesel. Dual-fuel vehicles allow users to take advantage of the wide-spread availability of gasoline or diesel but use a cleaner, more economical alternative when natural gas is available. As another source of alternative fuel, the electric car or hybrid automobiles is one option that United States and other countries are using. Until almost a decade ago hybrid cars were not as popular as they should. People did not realize that the alternative using electric cars can be an option for the economy and the environment. The history of automotive technology shows that hybridization has been much more common than previously thought....
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