Topics: Fossil fuel, Renewable energy, Wind power Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: February 21, 2013
 | Fossil Fuel: Natural Gas| Renewable resource: Wind Power| Describe this resource|  Natural Gas in a Hydrocarbon gas that is naturally occurring. It consists of mostly methane and is used as fuel for some vehicles and heating the home.|  Wind power is one of the cleanest sources of electricity. It usually involves a fan that spins, and the energy is transported to a generator.| Advantages of this resource (include at least two)| 1. Very abundant underground.2. Is cleaner than most other fossil fuels like gasoline and coal.| 1. Clean energy that is abundant in windy areas.2. Can help cut down on greenhouse gases to make people healthier.| Disadvantages of this resource (include at least two)| 1. Burns dirty and is attributed with Carbon-Dioxide.2. Very flammable and explosive near flame sources.| 1. If the area is not windy, there will be no energy transformed.2. Can be expensive to start off.| How does collecting this resource effect the environment?|  The gas is found underground and can destroy many habitats.|  It could kill multiple birds that fly through the region.| How does using this resource effect the environment?|  Using this resource makes plenty of green gases that can harm the environment and can increase the temperature of the Earth.|  There are few if not any consequences of usage.| Compare the cost of both resources. Which is more expensive to create? Which is more expensive to use?|  Natural Gas is one of the cheapest forms form energy. So the wind is more expensive to use.|  The General Electric Company makes a turbine that costs 1.5 million dollars. To use is just the cost of maintenance.| What technology is involved in gathering or using this resource?|  Natural Gas has to be drilled from the ground.|  There needs to be constant maintenance of the machine to keep it running and there has to keep generator maintenance. | How do we use this resource to generate electricity?|  It is burned.|  With the spinning...
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