Comparison and Contrast

Topics: Plug-in hybrid, Internal combustion engine, Electric vehicle Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: April 16, 2011
Having a reliable source of transportation is convenient when handling everyday errands. Owning a gas operated transportation can benefit a parent, student or business person in prioritizing there lifestyle. However, the economy is on the rise demanding more money in fuel and oil cost. The price of gas could overwhelm any individual in today’s economy. Gas powered cars like Cadillac’s, Lincoln’s, and Buick’s could break your pockets. Fuel efficient vehicles such as the Prius, Honda insight and Chevy volt could benefit your budget as well as providing a safe environment.

Fuel efficient vehicles are quit expensive to purchase and repair. They are known to last a number of years without maintenance just as a hybrid vehicle. If a vehicle such as this has stopped working either be the motor, battery or control unit, which has to be replaced, unlike gas operated vehicles. Few individuals prefer the performance of electric operated vehicles for many reasons such as speed, fuel efficiency, mataneince, cost and refueling time. However “The hybrid might seem like a good alternative, but it isn’t. Hybrid car performance depends a great deal on how and where you drive.” (March 24, 2010) Electric power vs. Gas powered cars, February 26, 2011, from

One of the most top disadvantages of driving hybrid vehicles is safety. They are much lighter and smaller and difficult to maneuver in strong weather conditions, unlike gas operated vehicles. Hybrid vehicles can retain 200-275 volts of electricity. If an accident had occurred high voltage wires would be exposed and could has major harm. Hybrid vehicles are known to run very silently opposing a threat to any pedestrian. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety organization “The Incidence rate of pedestrian crashes was found to be higher for Hybrid Electric vehicles than the gas operated vehicles” NHTSA, Quieter Cars and the Safety of Blind...
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