Comm/215 Final Research Paper

Topics: Internal combustion engine, Automobile, Petroleum / Pages: 9 (2090 words) / Published: Jan 11th, 2013
Final Research Paper
26 Oct 2010

Introduction For years environmentalists have been screaming about going green, recycling and reusing products, and so forth. So the idea of our vehicles using alternative fuel sources would be a welcomed change. With the dozen of vehicles and fuel sources being introduced, it is now a possibility to add alternative fuel vehicles to our rental car fleet. Through this presentation, gasoline and alternative fuel vehicles will be fully outlined; the history, the sources of fuel, and consumer incentives will all be explained.
Gasoline vehicles Gasoline powered vehicles are the types of vehicles that are commonly used around the world. Gasoline powered vehicles utilize an internal combustion power train. Power train refers to the group of components within the vehicle that generates power. Internal combustion engines are typically associated with gasoline even though variations of the internal combustion engine can be fueled by other sources. The main stream alternative to gasoline is diesel fuel.
History of gasoline vehicles Self-propelled vehicles have been around 1672 but were not introduced to mainstream America until 1902. Older vehicles were powered by steam engines which gave way to the internal combustion engines that are powered by either gasoline or diesel fuel. Diesel fuel and gasoline both cause air pollution and also play a role in global warming. The ever increasing cost of oil along with the restrictions on greenhouse gases and environmental laws is now pressing the world to create safe alternatives to gasoline and diesel fuel.
Green vehicles A green vehicle is any car, bus, or mode of transportation that uses alternative fuel sources. Fossil fuels were once thought to be a convenient fuel source, discovered after alternative fuel was already in use. By purchasing or converting a vehicle to run on alternative fuel, green vehicles can once again be on the rise. “Let’s Go Green”! has been

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