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Topics: Mind, Adolescence, Drug Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Apostadiro, Sage
Period 1
Why Marijuana Should Be Illegal?

A bunch of leaves seem harmless, right? But think again. Marijuana has a chemical called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, well known as THC. There are also a variety of 400 different chemicals that are found in marijuana, which can tremendously affect your health. THC is the main psychoactive; mind altering ingredient. There is no difference between an adult to a teenager. Teens look up to elders and it will increase the chances for more teens to test out marijuana. The state seriously needs to stop looking at the positive outcomes, what about the negative impacts? Do you people even care about the Hawaii citizens? At this point, all you people ever care about is making more money. Money isn’t everything.

Yes, we all realize that it will create more revenue to the state of Hawaii and save more money for us, but does it seem right to see multiplies of citizens smoking marijuana in front of little children/teenagers? Most of these elders will end up becoming drug dealers to the youth because that's easy money. Marijuana is considered a prescription drug and it should stay that way. Not everyone is a responsible citizen and people shouldn’t be feeling “high”. In the real world, most jobs require their workers to take a drug test and legalizing marijuana could jeopardize someone’s chance to get hired. Also, legalizing marijuana won’t stop any problems in our state. Just like alcohol, teenagers drink all the time, that's why we have tons of accidents.

Would you let your children smoke marijuana? In the way I see it, you technically can’t scold them for having it in their possession. In our minds we think “its okay” if we see an elder doing it.

Marijuana has its side affects just like many other drugs. Someone is capable of causing physical and psychological harm to oneself or to others. You lose brain cells when smoking too much of it, which will cause a negative impact to school education, ones...
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