Weed Should Stay Illegalized

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Weed should stay illegal

Marijuana is the growing topic in Americans daily lives; shockingly people are blind to realize that this substance will probably be one of the deadliest drugs in the next decade. “History repeats itself” a wise man once said, and this isn’t the first time or the last time America will use the excuses to make illegal substances that kill. The generations of the 20th century where blind and medically illiterate to the dangers of cigarettes in fact they believed it was health approved. Only a few decades later people started to realize the demons of smoking and plagued America with 5 million deaths a year ever since.
Look at the resemblance, and understand that it took them decades to find out harsh effects and learning’s of new health side effects continue to be discovered even to this day. Now where looking at a society where weed is equally smiled upon as it’s frowned upon. 83 million Americans 12 years and older have tried weed and most of them become addicted. There’s no nicotine but what makes it addicting is just the feeling weed gives them, and that in itself is addicting. More kids under the age of 20 are becoming users of this substance.

Rapid amount of users are growing each day but the growing amount of attention on the side effects that now being learned has not been center staged for the world to hear. Marijuana has THC a chemical which affects the brain and its developmental growth. Not to mention Marijuana that is rolled up which is the most common way of using the substances still contain tobacco and its harmful carcinogens.
Research undoubtedly proved that marijuana has potential to start complications in daily-life or add on to existing problems. Users who abuse the substance in heavy amounts commonly have dissatisfaction in life, a lot health risk physically and mentally, problems with relationship with peers, and not as much success academic wise compared to their peers the went to school with. Being tardy to

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