Addiction and Smoking Marijuana Plays

Topics: Addiction, Psychoactive drug, Recreational drug use Pages: 3 (971 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Marijuana has many different affects on an individual who consume the drug. The drug affects the brain and the functions of the central nervous system such as one's memory. Does marijuana help the body or does it tare it down? Marijuana is very common street and recreational drug. Smoking marijuana causes you to have many medical problems. Marijuana is actually an plant that grown in your home or either your back yard. Its a trend and party drug because every young person uses it. Marijuana even comes in all different kind of flavors, for example there is kush,dro,loud, regular etc. Smoking marijuana has many important medical effects. Smoking effects the body, the brain, and one's memory. Marijuana cause you to lose memory and being able learn. Perceiving ideas while high can be hard to understand and distorted to you. Marijuana seems to have many physiological effects. The physiological effects of smoking is difficulty with thinking clearly and being able to solve problems.You start to lose coordination within your stance and the way you walk. As you begin the use of the drug your heart rate increase making you become paranoid. In some cases it has caused a panic attack. While under the influence of marijuana you can become very clumsy and care-less. Smoking sometimes makes you move and talk in slow-motion. Marijuana is a downer drug. It makes to tired and lazy, but some might say they feel relaxed. After smoking many people become hungry wanting to eat even if they just ate right before smoking. Bronchitis, emphysema,bronchial asthma and many more conditions are health problems not only to tobacco users but marijuana users also. All drugs affect your body rather if its in a positive or negative way. Medicine heals and replenish the body while marijuana harms and tear the body down. Smoking is smoking no matter what it is that you are inhaling.

The main psychological effect of smoking marijuana is euphoria. The reason why most people smoke marijuana is...
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