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  • Psychoactive Drugs

    Psychoactive Drugs are chemical substances that alter behavior‚ mood‚ perception‚ or mental functioning. Through the consumption of substances many cultures have found ways to alter consciousness. Psychoactive substances apply their effects by transforming biochemical or physiological processes in the brain. The message system of nerve cells‚ or neurons‚ relies on both electrical and chemical transmission. Neurons rarely touch each other; there is a microscopic gap between one neuron and the next

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  • Psychoactive Drug

    Psychoactive Drug Psychoactive drugs are everywhere in society today. Not all of these drugs are illegal but they do affect you mentally and physically. For example‚ some of these drugs are used every day by a vast amount of people. The most well-known psychoactive drugs are “tobacco‚ alcohol‚ and caffeine”; some of the drugs that are not as widely used are “marijuana‚ mescaline‚ opium‚ and cocaine.” (168). Psychoactive drugs are‚ ‘”drugs capable of influencing perception‚ mood‚ cognition‚ or behavior

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  • Psychoactive Drugs

    Unit 1 Short Paper Psychoactive Drugs I believe was designed to be used for medical purposes‚ which I also fee that people who use them are in danger of harming their body and mind. According to news briefs People like Michael Jackson and Jerald Levert also others known people have abused drugs for what reason I can only guess for depression or the stress of being celebrity. Whatever the reasons were they are no longer living due to the drug abuse‚ so I can only imagine the people who are

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  • Psychoactive Drugs and How They Are Used

    Core 1 Research Paper- Psychoactive Drug Use 13 October 2011 Psychoactive Drugs and How They Are Used We drink our morning coffee; have soda with dinner‚ and might take a cigarette break at work. Psychoactive drugs are used in everyday life‚ and most of us don’t even realize it. Those listed are minor examples of psychoactive drugs‚ but most people wouldn’t even consider this a drug habit. They are substances that change our mood‚ thoughts‚ behavior‚ and consciousness. It affects the central

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  • Psychoactive Drugs and Their Effects

    Psychology Psychoactive Drugs and their Effects Medications that effect people psychologically are called psychoactive drugs. They are often helpful in treating depression‚ anxiety‚ insomnia‚ and other psychological complications. Psychoactive drugs don’t affect the underlying causes of these disorders‚ but they can provide symptomatic relief to allow people to live more normal lives. Anxiety can be defined as persistent nervousness‚ tension‚ or panic caused by stress or other psychological

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  • Psychoactive Drug Addiction

    but the biology of a person ’s body is a major factor. These substances‚ which are called psychoactive drugs‚ are what people become addicted to and are described as chemicals that affect mental processes and behavior by temporarily changing perception and awareness. There are many different theories about what addiction is and why it happens but none have been proven. When a person uses psychoactive drugs they are releasing chemicals into their brain which causes a disturbance in the way the brain

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  • Discuss How Sleep and Psychoactive Drugs Affect Perception

    Discuss how sleep and psychoactive drugs affect perception. Include in your discussion how a lack of sleep or use of psychoactive drugs affects your perception. I know that the lack of sleep is diffidently hard for people to function. It takes it toll on those who have issues sleeping. It could be from insomnia‚ sleep apnea‚ body aches‚ your partner snoring there are so many reasons why its hard to sleep. We need the rest to help us eliminate waste products and without enough sleep we would

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  • Drugs and Society

    Drugs and Society Made by: C.A BA(HONS) Criminology Drugs and Society Assignment Title: Each student should choose a drug of his/her own choice and discuss the following in about 2000 words: * The Use and Abuse of the drug * The Legal Aspect of the use of the drug * The Socio-Psychological explanation of its use * Punishment/Treatment and Prevention aspects Due Date: 11th February 2011 Contents: 1. Introduction……………………………………………………………………………………………pg

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  • Ssri Drug Fact Info

    PSYCHOACTIVE MEDICATION CLASSIFICATION Student Name__________________________ Clinical Instructor___________________________________ PSYCHOACTIVE MEDICATION CLASSIFICATION: __Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors___________________________________ Uses in Mental Health | | Therapeutic Actions Expected to be Observed | Should relieve symptoms of major depressive disorder such as ability to once again find pleasure in relationships and daily activities‚ relief from hypersomnia or insomnia

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  • Mental Health and Psychotropic Drugs

    (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) in patients.  It is the class of drugs that includes Prozac‚ Zoloft‚ and Paxil.  The question is: Are more Americans clinically depressed now than in the past‚ or has medical science started to treat the far more common experience of “everyday unhappiness” is this a quote from someone or from you? with medication‚ thereby increasing the number of drug prescriptions?             A Psychoactive drug or Psychotropic substance is a chemical substance that acts primarily

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