Alfred Thayer Mahan

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Alfred Thayer Mahan
3. - How has his argument shaped a specific foreign policy approach? Detail. Alfred Mahan is one of the most recognize geostrategist in the history of the United States.

Argument: “Importance of Sea Power”
Explanation: Alfred Mahan had the idea that countries with naval power will have greater worldwide impact.

Influence in the world:
In the Nineteen century the United Sated were obsessed with expansion and power ideas. And Alfred Mahan had a huge influence in expanding in the ocean and controlling the commercial routes in the sea. Alfred also contributed in the idea “Manifest Destiny” that was to expand the USA territory in the continent and have access to both the pacific and Atlantic seas. He also pointed out the importance of acquiring defensive bases such as Hawaii and islands in the Caribbean. This strategy had an influence in many navies across the world, like the United States, Germany, Holland, Spain, Japan, France and Great Britain. Later, it will cause the European naval arms race in the 1890s, which included the United States. Also had much influence on Benjamin Franklin who at that time was secretary of the Navy. That led to several naval constructions in 1889. Later on, Alfred would also have a very strong influence on Theodore Roosevelt, who has just been named Assistant Secretary of the Navy in March 1897. This way the United States grew enormously in terms of naval army and “Sea Power.” The book that he wrote “The Influence of Sea power Upon History” had also an impact in Japan by affecting the IJN doctrine on stopping Russian naval expansion in the Far East, which culminated in the Russo-Japanese War from 1904-1905 Alfred became a role model in the entire world. Especially German navy, as Kaiser William II ordered his officers to read Mahan, and Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz (1849–1930) used Mahan's reputation to finance a powerful surface fleet.
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