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Topics: Business, Quality control, Quality assurance Pages: 7 (1940 words) Published: February 27, 2013
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Description of Business
Justification of location Selection of appropriate Labour Sources of fixed and working capital

Role of Entrepreneur Type of Production
Levels of Production
Quality Control Measure
Use of Technology
Potential for Growth
Government Regulation
Ethical issues

I Tahjay Byrou wish to acknowledge, with thanks, my mother Madrick Gardner for helping me with this assignment, the Highgate library with P.O.B. text book, and last but not least touch tech with internet access.

Description of Business
The name of this business is High quality. The High Quality supermarket will be a Partnership owned by Tahjay Byrou and Recco Byrou. The supermarket will be involved in the selling of non-perishable food items, meat, rice, flour etc. Goods such as gas and books will also be a part of the supermarket. The High Quality supermarket offers, services such bill order, invoice so that small business can get loan and credit demand etc. The High Quality supermarket ensures to provide top class and quick services to its customer. The amount of persons I will be employing is fifteen. Objective/mission statement

Slogan: We serve you with all the love in our heart.
The High Quality supermarket goal is to achieve and maintain good distinction in courteous staff and quick service and also to be one the leading business in Jamaica. We will ensure that the supermarket gains a first class reputation for gastronomy, gracious and informed hospitality, comfort and beauty which draws new and repeat customer year after year which will eventually a multi-success. Also we hope that our business reaches the highest standard of quality and make deals with big manufacturers. The High Quality supermarket opening hours are from 9:00am-8:00pm from Mondays to Fridays and Saturdays 9:00am-9:30pm.

Justification of Business
High Quality supermarket will be located at a strategic point. It will be at Stennet Street, Port Maria. This location was chosen because it highly commercialized area. It is known as a central point where many people do business. In and around this area, where schools, banks and other business places are located. There are some reasons why this business has chosen this:- * Port Maria may be seen as an ideal location near suppliers of goods such s vegetable market factories which supplies Hilo store with commodities and also best dressed chicken which is located in Galina. * This location also has good roads, which will allow suppliers easily fragile goods to the area. * The affordability of the rent is another reason for the choice of this supermarket.

Selection of Appropriate Labour
For the operation of the High Quality supermarket workers will be needed. There will be a total of fifteen workers. There will be: 4 cashiers, 4 indoor merchandisers, 1 janitors, 2 handymen, 2 watchmen and 2 supervisors. Cashiers: Will be required to have in their possession a cashier’s certificate from the institute of higher learning. The cashier must have a Heart certificate in food preparation and management, the cashier must be certified in the area of Information Technology and Accounting. The cashier’s duty is to collect payment of order made y customer. Janitor: His/her duty is to maintain a healthy environment for both customer and employees. They will clean the bathroom, wipe windows, floors and shelves and make sure all the garbage is...

Bibliography: Name of book: Principles of Business
Editor: Karlene Robinson & Sybile Hamil
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This SBA is based on a supermarket which I as a young entrepreneur has decided or has plans on opening. This work now teaches you about the inside information of this business on how it all began. I you hope you will learn something about opening a supermarket or even get en idea about starting a business.
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