Taj Mahal

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Special thanks for everyone especially our beloved sir IRWAN because always give new knowledge to us for prepared this assignment.We are so proud to be your student. Your care,guiding , attention and correcting to us is really benefit.We will remember and used it forever although in working time. Not forget to all friend,thanks because always supported and helps us when doing this assignment. We also happy having a friends like you all.The moments with you all can not be arise from our mind. We got so many knowlegde and information when doing this assignment although we are not going to India yet.We are so enjoy to learn and know more about the georism especially about Taj Mahal. Wish we luck for our success. Thank you.


The epitome of love, the elegy in marble, Taj Mahal is one of the most graceful and extravagant monuments in India. The seventh wonder of the world, it attracts thousands of tourists every year. A symbol of endless love and devotion of Emperor Shah Jehan to his beloved queen Mumtaz Mahal, the Taj is a befitting tribute to so romantic-a-love story and so divine an emotion that binds two souls forever. Mumtaz Mahal was a Muslim Persian Princess (her name, Arjumand Banu Begum before marriage) and Shah Jahan was the son of The Mughal Emperor Jehangir and grandson of Aktar The Great. He was at the age 14 that he met Mumtaz and fell in love with her. A visit to Taj Mahal, the mausoleum of Mumtaz, is a rare experience. It has become a signature monument of Indian architecture and someone has rightly said that Taj jas been designed like a palace and finished like a jewel. 

The pure white marble structure, Taj acquires different shades at different times of the day and with changing seasons. The soft pink color of the dawn and fiery shade that it acquires at dusk are all bewitching. Though, the light that presents it in the best possible manner is perhaps that of full moon, when it shines with pristine white and silver glory. Taj seems to be as fanciful as the love story it represents of an all-mighty prince and a simple girl hawking silk and glass beads in the market and their marriage that seems so much like a fairy tale. The faithful wife marched with the prince, who was later crowned the emperor, on his every expedition and bore him fourteen children. On her deathbed, she made the emperor to promise to make a lovely monument unlike any other in the world as the tribute to their loving moments that were a treasure for her. The emperor kept the promise faithfully and thus, Taj was conceived.


Taj Mahal is located in the city of Agra that in turn is situated in India. India is the prime country of Indian Peninsula that stretches amidst Indian Ocean in the south, Bay of Bengal in East, Arabian Sea in the west and Himalayas in North. India is the largest country in Indian sub-continent and South Asia. It is situated in the Northern Hemisphere and Tropic of Cancer passes right from its center.

Agra is a historic city that is situated 200 Kilometers or 125 American miles from Delhi, the capital city of India. Agra is an important tourism and commercial destination in the Indian province of Utter Pradesh. Taj Mahal is located in Agra only. Taj Mahal is situated at latitude of 27° 10 minutes 28.67 seconds North of Equator and have a longitude of 78° 2 minutes 32.05 seconds East of the Greenwich Median.

Agra airport is 7 km from the city center and 3 km from Eidgah bus stand. Major airlines operate daily tourist shuttle flights to...
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