Taj Mahal

Topics: Taj Mahal, Mughal Empire, Agra Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: April 17, 2005
"Taj Mahal"

I think a gigantic funerary mosque of white marble, built in Agra by order of the Mogul emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favorite wife, the Taj Mahal is the most perfect jewel of Moslem art in India and is one of the universally admired architectures of the world's heritage. Not only see the beautiful Taj Mahal from the video, I also knew the history of itself and its country. A white marble tomb sums up many of the formal themes that have played through Islamic architecture. The video did talk a lot of how much Shah Jahan himself and his father loved art and made many gorgeous artworks. Taj Mahal's refined style is a conspicuous contrast to the Hindu architecture of pre-Islamic India, with its thick walls, arches, and heavy supports. Even though Taj Mahal is the symbol of grief and sadness, it still has it beauty looks from marble and sand stone.

Taj Mahal stands in a formally laid-out walled garden; I think these trees and flowers made Taj Mahal even more beautiful and gave it a look of peacefulness. White marble and red sandstone are great materials to be used for symbol of eternal love. Everything seems to be in balance of itself. I think a long pool in front of Taj Mal does give many explanations or meaning of Taj Mahal. I think reflecting of Taj Mal in the long pool tells us that Shan Jahan would only love his wife, like the reflection that will only give the image of Taj Mahal, not anything else.

The lines, mostly curved, are in great harmony details. The color from both outside and inside could be changed as the light from the sun moves. The flowers and Koran written on the walls and the gate give people who visiting wondering of what is that means. As the visitors walked pass each area, I think they would imagine of what each areas mean from the story of Taj Mahal. From the video, I think some sights of Taj Mahal create sorrowing sights.

I think this architecture is beautiful artwork. I consider Taj Mahal as...
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