Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems

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Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems
Clinton Ward
February 17, 2013
Joyce Keeling
Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems
Air conditioners and heat pump systems are used by most people in the world today. They are used to cool in the summer time and to heat in the winter time. These machines are bought and used when most people do not even understand the principle on which they work. The machines are expected do what they are designed to do, and when they cease to do this, they can be costly to repair. Air conditioners and heat pumps are similar in appearance and operation, but while using the same components they can perform completely different tasks. Knowing the difference between the two and the principle in which they perform their tasks will enable each person to make an informed decision when the time comes to repair or replace a piece of equipment. Air conditioners and heat pumps have several components that work in the same way. The compressor is the heart of the system. It is present in both an air conditioner and a heat pump. The compressor pumps the refrigerant throughout the system and enables the system to heat and cool. A few other components in an air conditioner and a heat pump are the metering device, the indoor coil, and the outdoor coil. These four basic components must be present for the cooling process to take place. There are a few components in heat pumps that do not show up in air conditioners. These devices are what make the air conditioner into a heat pump. The reversing valve reverses the refrigerant flow in an air conditioner to enable it to produce heat in the space where cooling is usually produced. A second metering device is present in the outdoor unit to enable the cooling effect to take place in the outdoor coil. The refrigerant is the substance that is pumped throughout the system and is used absorb heat and transfer it from one area to another. It is present in both heat pumps and air...
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