Vapour Cycle System

Topics: Thermodynamics, Gas, Evaporation Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: July 22, 2012

Achieving a satisfactory comfort level for pilot and passengers is a primary goal when developing any aircraft environmental control system. Methods to meet this goal will differ depending on the size of aircraft, due to the changing volume of airflow there several way for air condition system for a aircraft. The best choice for small aircraft vapour cycle cooling system(VCCS) been used. Vapour cycle refrigeration is the predominant means of air-conditioning in small - and medium-size business aircraft and helicopters. Vapour cycle cooling system (VCCS) is more easier to used on small aircraft because its required a minimum power for a given of cooling and also allow the aircraft to be cooled on the ground as well.

The basic function of vapour cycle cooling system(VCCS) is to give accurate cooling at aircraft cabin and also to rremove heat from electrical and electronic equipment. Its work on principle of cooling based on ability of refrigent to absorb heat when changing from liquid to gas. Once it turns to gas all the latent heat of vaporization it is compressed and condensed back into its liquid state. In other way vapour cycle system his also help to reduced the humidity of the air entering the cabin while aircraft on the ground and as the temperature of the air is reduced the moisture condenses on the fin of the evaporator then water droplets blown from the evaporator by the air stream and are collected in a water trap and drained away. Vapour cycle cooling system works with 5 components that is compressor,condenser,receiver dryer, thermal expansion valve n evaporator. Usually receiver dryer will storage the refrigerant liquid normally high volatile chemical such as Freon will be store on the receiver dryer. This liquid will the one go around the cooling system past by the other components. After the receiver dryer the liquid will enter the thermal expansion valve where the high temperature liquid change to low pressure liquid. Once...
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