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Increase Your Data Center Energy Efficiency • Increase Your Data
Center Energy Efficiency • Increase Your Data Center Energy
Efficiency • Increase Your Data Center Energy Efficiency • Increase
Key Best Practices
Optimize the Central Plant

Quick Start Guide to Increase
Data Center Energy

How To Start

A Problem That You Can Fix
Data Center energy efficiency is derived from addressing
BOTH your hardware equipment AND your infrastructure.

Commit to Improved Design and Operations

Typically, a central cooling plant and air handlers are more efficient than distributed air conditioning units. Begin with an efficient water cooled variable speed chiller, add high efficiency air handlers, low-pressure drop components, and finish with an integrated control system that minimizes unnecessary dehumidification and simultaneous heating and cooling.

• Benchmark existing facilities

Use temperature resets to allow use of medium-temperature chilled water
(55 degrees Fahrenheit or higher). Warmer chilled water improves chiller plant efficiency and eliminates the need for the chiller during many hours of operation (tower cooling).

• Continuously monitor energy and environmental conditions

• Document design intent

Less than half the power used by a typical data centers powers its IT equipment. Where does the other half go? To support infrastructure including cooling systems, UPS inefficiencies, power distribution losses and lighting. Why does this matter?

• Introduce energy optimization early in the design process
• Use life-cycle total cost of ownership analysis

• By 2012, the power costs for the data center equipment over its useful life will exceed the cost of the original capital investment.

• Re-commission as a regular part of maintenance

• By 2020, the carbon footprint of data centers will exceed the airline industry • Empower IT and facilities staff to work together

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Can you design your data

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