Aging and Adulthood Paper

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Aging and Adulthood Paper
Karl O'Dell
University of Phoenix
Dr. Ed Schroll
May 13, 2013

Aging and Adulthood Paper
Aging is an inevitability of life. With age man exchanges the physical prowess of youth for the wisdom that comes through experiencing the trials and triumphs of life. As an individual enters late adulthood, age 65 and older, they experience many physical, emotional and mental changes never previously encountered and which may require an adaptation of their earlier lifestyle. Some of these late adulthood changes are primary and secondary aging, issues regarding health and wellness, family and personal relationships, and the milestone of retirement. Understanding these changes can help late age adults better cope with the challenges and opportunities that arising during advanced aging.

Primary and secondary aging are the two basic forms of aging. Primary aging is the gradual and inevitable deterioration of the body over time. As you grow older, the body produces fewer trophic (hormonal) substances, such as estrogen and testosterone. The result is thinning and graying hair, wrinkled skin, a decline in height and loss of bone mass and muscle fiber. An individual may experience a decline in vision, sense of smell, touch and taste and a weakening of the immune system. Primary aging is unavoidable. Secondary aging, however, is aging that occurs as a result of lifestyle choices. The body experiences secondary again as a result of lack of physical activity, unhealthy activities (smoking and drinking), poor nutrition, exposure to hazardous materials and disease. (Pearce, 2012, p. 1) Healthy habits and daily routines are essential for promoting health and wellness into late adulthood. Smoking, excessive drinking, lack of exercise, and overeating cost many individuals their ability to maintain an active and independent lifestyle as they age. Exercise and a healthy diet avert many common diseases and increases energy in the...

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