Advertising vs Publicity

Topics: Advertising, Mass media, Public relations Pages: 3 (779 words) Published: October 28, 2008
Advertising can costs organizations and individuals millions of dollars each year, whereas publicity can be free. One way to promote a business (its products or services) is through advertising. Effective techniques of creating and testing advertisement ads need to be learned, and the most effective advertising outlets need to be determined. Due to the amount of time that is needed to see results from advertising, organizations turn to experienced Advertising firms. Results entirely depend on the advertising budget available, which in turn allows an amount of advertising space to be purchased. There may also be a lack of credibility with advertising, not everyone believes what is said, and unfortunately false advertising has tainted the public’s view of ads. Publicity on the other hand, is the more effective way to promote a business, or its products or services. Good publicity allows you to achieve results totally disproportionate to the amount of money and effort put in to gaining a larger customer base. Favorable articles written by independent reviewers, journalists, columnists and editors about and organization will have far more credibility than any advertisement ever could.

For many organizations advertising is the obvious way to promote a business or product. Once an organization learns the techniques of creating and testing great ads, and the right places to advertise - it can produce results - but at the end of day, the results will depend directly to the amount of advertising space a firm buys, which depends on the budget. An organization like the one I work for has a budget of ten million for the year. Even though that sounds like a lot of money in today’s market it does not buy as much as one may think. Wall Street Journal Ads, TV, CNN, CNBC, FOX NEWS are very high priced.

Publicity is the smart way to promote a business or product. Using both Advertising and Publicity are very effective methods to promote and create positive awareness of a...
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