Public Relations

Topics: Harry Potter, Public relations, Mass media Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: April 20, 2005
What is Publicity? Well publicity is the Art of Attracting FREE public exposure making One's self visible to the public eye now this may be a newspaper article mention in a magazine on radio or television interview or item it's all free exposure none paid visibility that can illustrate a positive or negative image to the "general public". Now I'm sure your saying to your self publicity sounds a lot like advertising, and you're wondering, what's the difference between Advertising and publicity? Well ladies and gentlemen advertising is the activity of attracting public attention to a product or business or "a band", as by PAID announcements in the form of print, broadcast, or electronic media such as the internet, what can Publicity do for you? To really hit the nail on the head I would say Publicity provides important visibility. An article in newspaper or a story on radio or television will attract public attention and stimulate public interest and create awareness and build creditability for the cause you're promoting, then you and your organization can profit from this most important visibility Why attract publicity? One of the main reasons P.R professionals seek publicity and not advertising the significant word here is Creditability, publicity is regarded as more credible then advertising; to attract positive publicity requires establishing a good working relationship with the media. This is of course easier said then done, your job as public relations professional is to provide the media with none biases information about your organization whether it is electronic or print with and you do this by furnishing them with a press release. Its what editors and reporters receive and read each day to make up there paper and decide what

Stories to use. Never attempt to lie to the media always be truthful it is imperative to be honest and open all it takes is one lie one cover up and your creditability is destroyed and in order for your creditability to be...
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