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Advertise in Newspapers
Reasons why you should use press - it's not just about reach!
Highly Effective
Newspapers drive store visitation, brand recognition and consumer action.
Creative Options
Utilise a variety of colour and shape options, executions, sponsorships and online integration to stand out from your competitors and create compelling consumer offerings.
Readers feel better informed after reading their paper and feel it is a good use of their time, not a 'blobbing out' experience such as TV. Newspaper readers are focused on reading the newspaper and are not engaged in other activities at the same time, unlike some other media that become 'wallpaper' or background noise.
Research shows that consumers find newspapers to be leading source for trustworthy, believable ads, well ahead of magazines, TV, radio or online ads. Newspapers ads are seen as less intrusive and are not as likely to take away from the enjoyment compared to other media.
Access to Fairfax Newspaper Reader Panels
We can deliver strategic insight for best construction of consumer touch-points and increased connectivity.

Advertise in Magazines
We create content that creates conversations.
Magazines create communities of individuals with shared interests.
Readers develop trusted relationships with magazines through their content and inspire conversations amongst friends, family and social groups.
This environment of trust and high level of engagement provides an incredibly desirable location for savvy advertisers.
Each year, 16,680,639 Fairfax magazines are sold in supermarkets around NZ.*
We reach over 1.9 million people aged 10+.**
Are you advertising with us? Don’t let your brand be the one your target audience isn’t talking about.
*Source: Synovate Aztec TKA Scan Data
**Source: Nielsen CMI Jan-Dec 2012

10 Reasons To Advertise In Magazines

1. Magazines and magazine ads capture focused attention: The focused process of magazine reading

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