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Magazines surviving the technology era Almost all of us can say that we have read or skimmed through at least five magazines in our lifetime, if not hundreds or thousands of magazines. With an unimaginable variety how could one not? Magazines started its wild journey in 1741 with Benjamin Franklin and Andrew Bradford publishing “General Magazine” and “American Magazine” both of which were America’s first magazines. Both of these magazines were very general magazines but soon led to the concoction of very specific magazines, magazines such as sports, fashion, cooking, décor, trade, business and many other specified magazines became trendier in the magazine field. Many fear the gradual the decaying of printed magazines due to the technology replacing it with online editions and subscriptions available on kindles, computers, nooks and even cellular devices. However magazines are going no where and will survive this massive technology takeover era due to its uniqueness in portability, sentimental value, and successfully complements other mediums and target specific demographics.

Magazines may have started out very general in earlier on but took on a very specific role, by becoming more and more specified to target a specific audience. This method proved to be very successful and is one of the major reasons that magazines will survive. Magazines consist of three divisions; consumer magazines; magazines that are sold in newsstands, grocery stores and other public stores. The second is trade, technical and profession magazines, and most people that read these magazines read in to learn more about the field of career or business that they are in. Lastly are company magazines, these magazines are designed and created by a specific company for employees, customers and other associations of the company. Out of all these magazines consumer magazines are the ones that are said to sell the best because there is a specific consumer magazine...
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