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Topics: Rigor mortis, City, Parking Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: February 27, 2014

Feb. 23 2014

Exercise 1.9
The woman held a book in her left hand. The book was thick, so she was tired She was in the parking lot and waiting for her ride. Finally a small and blue car stopped next to her. When she opened the door to the car, a white poodle jumped out, ran quickly into the parking lot and disappeared between the parked cars.

Exercise 1.10
1. The sleek dolphins leaped out of the water in long and graceful arcs. 2. The green ugly monster walked out of the black lagoon slowly. 
 3. A fat and white goose with a mean look in its eye waddled
 toward the unsuspecting tourist. 4. A three heads serpent tail ferocious dog guarded the underworld entrance. 5. The crude and vulgar singer named himself after a popular brand of candy.

Exercise 1.11
1.The disappointed skier gazed at the bare rocky mountain above her. 2.The starving hikers shouted loudly at the circling helicopter. 3. The blind violinist and his daughter played beautifully in the crowded square. 4.One strong swing of the bat sent the baseball flying out of his favorite ballpark. 5. The patient ranger explained the dangerous plan to the eager campers.

Exercise 1.12
1.The new mystery novel was about a violent murder in St. Patrick's Cathedral of New York City. 2. The front pages of newspapers carried the story of the murder prominently in almost every city. 
 3. The state championship basketball game was held in the gym in a small town on the banks of a wide and muddy river. 4. The sold out game between one team from a small town and another team from a large city was held in the afternoon on a Saturday. 
5. When the team from the small town won, the surprised town held a big parade in celebration of the players. (?)

Exercise 1.13
1. I loaded my homemade rifle, cocked the spring, and waited on the steps of the porch. 2. When I came into the house, my mother told me reproachfully that she had seen the suffering I had caused from the kitchen window. 3. Bill...
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