Bo Jackson

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The purpose of this speech is to inform you about the amazing talent that one young man possessed.

I. Who do you think won ESPN’s Sport Science “Greatest Athlete of All Times?” (a). Mahammad Ali (b). Michael Jordan (c). Vincent Jackson A. If you answer Vincent Jackson you were correct.
B. If you answered anyone else, “You Don’t Know Bo.” II. While watching 30 for 30’s show on Vincent “Bo” Jackson I gained an interest in this man’s talent, which is why I have chosen to share what I have researched about him with you. I. Bo had a hard childhood and high school life.

A. He was born in Bessemer, Alabama.
B. His mother raised 10 children in a 3 bedroom house.
1. His father wasn’t present in his life but he inherited a stutter from him. C. He went to high school at McAdory High School
1. In high school, he wasn’t accepted very well because of his stutter. 2. He took his anger out in aggression.
3. He was known for throwing rocks at wild boars and killing them, therefore he got his nick name “Bo” D. In high school he loved football, baseball, and track
1. During his senior year for football he ran 1175 yards as a total 2. In baseball he hit 20 homeruns in 25 games
3. In track he was a two-time state champ in the 100 meter dash and set the state record in triple jump and high jump. E. The Yankees coach came to a practice to see Bo practice but they were already finished. He insisted on seeing him hit at least once. 1. Bo and his coach got in the cage and his coach said “He gets two balls.” 2. On the first pitch Bo hit the ball to the back corner of the cage. His hit was so powerful that the cage collapsed on him and his coach. II. As a kid he promised his mother he would be the first in his family to go to college. A. His was offered by the Yankees straight out of high school but turned it down. B. He Committed to Auburn to play football and baseball.

C. Auburn and Alabama had...
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