Activities and Learning Exercises Ch 3 1

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Activities and Learning Exercises Ch 3
Instructions for Task Analysis Assignment 

Your job is to formulate a training objective and write a task analysis of a skill; for example, how to eat a sandwich cookie. Remember this is an example, but you should assume that your trainees are familiar with what a sandwich cookie is. Your job is to teach them how to go about eating one or can they really eat just one? First, compose a goal statement/learning objective for your training. Next, complete your task analysis to break down the skill into small steps. Finally, determine how you would measure the success of your training. Remember that it must be quantifiable. Keep in mind that each step should contain a VERB. You will decide what each step should be and the order in which the steps should be presented. After completing your task analysis, you will submit your training module for feedback. If I were a trainee, I should be able to go through the steps as listed and successfully eat the cookie. There are several things to consider: 1. How to get the cookie.

2. How to open to cookies.
3. How to eat the cookies.
As part of the assignment, you should identify the relevant steps for performing the goal and the subordinate skills that are necessary. You will create a task analysis for a simple task that they have completed many times. It requires you to assume a level of knowledge in your trainees and analyze the task itself by breaking it down into a series of small steps that must be performed in sequence in order to complete the task.  As you prepare the task analysis of the skill(s) you will teach, it will involve a step-by step outline listing of the skills, knowledge and behaviors necessary to perform the skill in the order the skills will be taught.

How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich and Some Extra Tips Step: 1Ingredients: Bread (usually 2 or 3 slices per sandwich), peanut butter, and jelly Collect your ingredients. You will want...
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